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About Us

about usJabito Event Center is an experienced party and events specialist based in Austin, Texas. We’ve co-hosted one bash after another, and in each one, we managed to impress both clients and guests. How do we do this?

To start, our business has been established for years. Our network of suppliers, vendors, entertainment and food service providers has been a key source for realizing some of the most extravagant events for clients. To this day, this network continues to grow with repeated recommendations from our clients and business associates. Jabito Event Center is definitely the event coordinator you can trust.

We take care of the venue set-up, decorations, theme conceptualization, entertainment booking, catering and so much more. We take away the stress of planning for corporate events, family special occasions and weddings.

To learn more, please call us at 512-201-2503. We are open to hold consultations and also provide pricing quotations for prospective clients.

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