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servicesA lot of great events are held at Jabito Event Center…and for a good reason!

With us, you’ll have access to all the party or conference necessities to impress your guests.

Full Planning & Design

Have a ball and Jabito Event Center will take care of it all. You only have to be there for your party and our team will do everything else.

For stress-free party planning, get pricing details from our consultants when you call 512-201-2503.

Partial Planning

You want to have a party planner but you want to have some control over the party planning…that’s easy. Our Partial Planning service is the definite fit for your needs.

Our team will work with you in the planning phase and will share the workload with you when it comes to executing those plans. You can call 512-201-2503 and speak to our consultants for pricing quotations.

Event Styling

This service is ideal for those who have a core vision in mind about a party they want to have but lack the organization skills to realize such vision. We’ve worked with so many clients by taking inspiration from their envisioned event and we materialize it into a stylish event.

If this is the type of party planning assistance you’re looking for, please call 512-201-2503 for quotes.

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