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Social Events

social eventsEvery social function, holiday celebration, business event or family gathering you want to have, let Jabito Event Center be your host. We want to make your events noteworthy and meaningful.

We accept bookings for social events such as:

Wedding Celebration
When two hearts unite, our event specialists at Jabito Event Center go all out! We want to make this day unforgettable for the bride and groom.

MeetingJabito Event Center is conducive as a setting for successful discussions, productive meetings and closed deals from one business to another or for intra-company meetings.

social cateringOur team takes care of the refreshments! Whether you’re looking for a low-key cocktail or an extravagant banquet, your guests will enjoy an impressive menu to go with your theme.

graduationCelebrate the conclusion of those long years of hard work at school. For your son, daughter or for yourself: let Jabito Event Center be the place for a graduation party!

ChristeningDo you have a little bundle of joy you want to introduce to friends and family? We invite you to hold your son or daughter’s christening reception at Jabito Event Center!

Business Executive Conference Events
BusinessImpress your clients, colleagues and competitors when your company holds exclusive conferences. Choose your venue to be at Jabito Event Center.

Birthday Celebration
BirthdayWe are going to plan a one of a kind birthday party for you. Your guests will have such a blast that they’ll forget about your age. To another year of experiences, let’s toast to your birthday!

Our events are planned and executed with finesse. If you want to work with professionals, talk to our consultants at Jabito Event Center. Please call 512-201-2503 to get pricing details.

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